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2 weeks ago in IMVU News
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In July of 2007, due to PayPal restrictions against pornographic content, IMVU committed the unforgivable sacrifice of condemning all sex products against their oppresive terms of service. This mass disabling of sex products on IMVU has forever been known as "The Great Castration". Ever since, the IMVU Mafias and allied communities have formed the IMVU Black Market, a secret community keeping the sacred act of love making alive on IMVU, utilizing the platform as it was originally sold to its users, a sex simulator beyond reality. After 17 long years, the black market community may finally win this war. We are on the cusp of victory. Hints and rumors are spreading across the IMVU community, a dying whisper that IMVU staff might finally give up their corrupt fight against sex products, lay down their swords in defeat, and allow sex products via a new subscription service called "Access Pass Plus (AP+)".

Now is our chance. Go fourth debaucherous fuckers, and teach IMVU staff what it means fuck with the passion of a mafioso. Stuff every hole and cream every womb. Show no mercy.


AP+ Creator Beta Program Submission Form

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our upcoming AP+ (Access Pass Plus) Creator Beta Program! AP+ represents a new tier of products exclusively allowed for consenting adults in private rooms, featuring natural and sexy poses for love and romance, and other products to set the stage for intimate moments.

The initial phase of our AP+ Beta Program will be limited to a select group of Creators and community members, and is by invitation only. This approach allows us to thoroughly test our service and ensure the highest quality product offerings.

As a founding member of the AP+ Creator Beta Program, you will gain early access to the new AP+ marketplace, be able to sell your products, and establish your brand at launch. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the AP+ community, collectively influencing the future direction of AP+.

If selected to join the AP+ Creator Beta Program, you will be required to:

  1. Create a new AP+ Creator account. (We will provide you with free AP status, AP+ subscription, and VIP access during the AP+ Beta program.)
  2. Collaborate with IMVU Staff and the IMVU AP+ community to understand the type of AP+ products our users need.
  3. Submit all AP+ products using IMVU Studio.
  4. Agree to the AP+ Trial Agreement

If you are interested in joining the AP+ Creator Beta Program, please fill in all the required fields. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, July 16, at 11:59 PM PT.

Posted 2 weeks ago
This means that black market stores will no longer exist, and you will be able to see naked erect people in imvu and others, I feel that there will be many people without "work" in the market, but at the same time I'm glad that once you can be free in an adult game.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Even with this new format. Old ap users may still search for items that can only be found on black market. The general audience along will be a revenue for creators. Imvu may limit size of penis or go back to the old imvu where the new ap did not interact with general public. It a wait game.
Posted 2 weeks ago

I believe that these permits will be to have nudes with micro erections, and they will say that this is sexual but we will have to wait hahaha
Posted 2 weeks ago
I'd be afraid that its a ploy, to get BM folks out in the open, and then ban their accounts... IMVU can not be trusted!!!!!

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