Experiencing Lag With New Update

by wrathdylan · 4 posts
1 month ago in IMVU Lounge
Posted 1 month ago · Author
this new update has been hella laggy, am i the only one?
Posted 1 month ago
no your not. it been draggy as all f...... but it did have a fix for the white bug in it. this time im willing to give them a bit of slack. its still better then it was before. but im hoping for a update for the update for sure. i'd like to get back to nice even running imvu.
Posted 1 month ago


My family members had the same problem. Yesterday we were still seeing a lot of buggy places, talking in two chats at the same time without being there, being able to move items in rooms that we don't own...
It was certainly due to this update of theirs, or maintenance...
Posted 3 weeks ago
Been very volatile since the new update for me, somedays it's just fine but other days it takes forever to load anything...

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