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Date : Tuesday, 09 Jan 4:30 p.m. PST / 7:30 p.m. EST
Link :
Format : Don/Underboss to talk first, then will be joined by staff. Members of the family (anyone on or discord) are welcome to join and listen. Open mic Q/A at the end.

Updates of current agenda may be added

Opening remarks by Family Don & Underboss

Recent Growth

Family Accomplishments

Current Funding

Upcoming Projects

- Website Server Move

Improvement Ideas
- Website
- Discord Server
- Service (Web tools, Software, Mafia VIP, ect.)

- Job Openings
- Role purposes, who deserves them, and what we expect from them
- Activity Level
- What leadership can do better for Staff

Community Requirements
- What can we do better for the community

Staff Commentary
- Any updates, comments or questions from Staff

Open Forum
- Public Requests and Open Q/A


All Staff are Expected & Required to attend.

If something happens where you cannot fulfil your commitment, please PM
ASAP. We do understand RL happens.

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@Don Von Alpha Dom