The New Performing Seal in the house

by MayhemRed5150 · 7 posts
7 months ago in Mafia News
Posted 7 months ago · Author
*** Attention Everyone *** Hey how you all doing? This is DJ Red here to give you the heads up on how you can listen to live streaming music on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, During a IMVU Mafias Sponsored event such as parties, gatherings, weddings, funerals, birthdays, holiday, coming out, going in, spit roast, salad tossing, hamster jamming, collering, (ect) Just click on this link and you will be redirected to the proper place. Keep in mind that I will be watching at all times for your musical requests, consider me your musical performing Seal! You say the shit & I'll play the shit, simple as that. No matter how big or how small, ( we won't tell ) WE here at IMVU Mafias got you covered.
Posted 7 months ago
Welcome DJ Red. :awesome14: We are happy to have you join our family. Thank you, for both your stellar performances in the past which have garned many rave review from our community, and for what will hopefully be many years to come of fresh new, stellar thrilling groovy all around head banging music deliverances.
Posted 7 months ago
So happy to have you apart of our family and ranks
. I shall accept all the props for introducing you to this life xD
Posted 7 months ago
amazing , will try to join sometime.
Posted 7 months ago
We have an event on Thursday if youre around :3

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