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is there any free sites that are similar to they just updated and now ap rooms is vip only :( their old site (imvu-e) did allow me to see it still until today when i refreshed the page it redirected me to which doesn't allow me to see ap rooms unless i buy vip :/

i already tried googling to see but most of them aren't working, have to pay or just stole the framework.


Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
Posted 1 year ago
Huh, I don't get it. AP rooms are not VIP only, you can enter them freely as NON-vip from what I can see at this very moment. As we speak I entered one and I don't have VIP. xD

Alright, but if you really are looking for games similar to IMVU there is for example, half life, zepeto and Avakin Life. These games are a bit more dead and way less sexual (except half life) but still give off that same 3D chill spot vibe. :>
Posted 1 year ago

At imvu the AP rooms are still free for those who are not VIPs, what she meant is that at the emporium ( before you could view all the rooms, now you can only do that if you subscribe to VIP at, not at imvu.
Posted 1 year ago

Oh okay, thank you for letting me know man I was absolutely confused at why IMVU would ever make AP VIP only. Thanks for clarifying broski! Have a nice one.
Posted 7 months ago
Other places you have to pay also now to see the room history or most of the stuff
Posted 1 month ago
Here is a full list of sites like, with tools and trackers for IMVU.

Tooly Inc:
IMVU Mafias Services: services.php
Gafcode Gadgets:
Boris the Engineer:
Badge Directory:
IMVU Outfits:
Deliverance Backups: viewtopic.php?f=157&t=13857
Posted 1 month ago
Posted 1 month ago
Not having much luck trying to use cybervu to view hidden catalog from a disabled old account of mine. It's a damn shame.
Posted 1 month ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Of course, I also got a subscription to see if maybe they'll spit out more results for paid users. But in terms of performance it's really not anywhere near the kind of results I got with, shame.

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