Site Activity Report - Dec 2022 & Jan 2023 - Stats & Awards

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 12 posts
1 year ago in Mafia News
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Dec 2022 & Jan 2023 TIM Site Statistics

With new years and new beginnings, we're calling for all mafiosos to live this year like its your first and last. Tis time to love and fuck, take chances, and let loose with a firey passion fit for kings, for beasts, for the bassass amazing heavy flex machine gun take no shit warrior we know is inside of each and every one of you beautiful bastards and handsome bitches. Let me hear a motherfucking "HELL YEAH, ALPHA DOM!". Now get in my office. It's time to talk profits, and don't forget the omerta. Bang-Bada-bing, capiche?

Our staff has been hard at work with mobile updates to the site, next gen client research, API development, new sex products, marketing, product icons, product videos, contests, security software updates, IMVU events out the waaaahzooo, churning out more content and higher quality goods than I could ever ask for ... and it makes me so FUCKING proud. Watching our family grow gives me the heeby jeeby goose bump hard nip tingles. I'm so happy, I could rub one out and still have stamina afterwards for an all nighter with your mother. Look at these stats.









IMVU Mafias Monthly Rewards Program

I am proud to introduce TIM's January 2023 Rising Stars. Rising stars are new members who have shown their loyalty to the TIM Family by consistently logging in and posting. All Rising stars will be rewarded with 2.5k medits and the M.A.N. (Most Active Noob) medal. Congrats rising stars!


Spoiler: Badass Sexy Motherfuckers



    @Vyxie Delecroix











Next is a category of notoriety, the One of Us award, given to mafia members who have successfully blinged out their profiles with mafioso magic. Thank you to those active mafioso who have taken the time to complete their mafia profiles, with avatars and colored names. These members shall receive the coveted One of Us award, and 250 medits.


Spoiler: One of Us One of US




    @Bad Jab


New and improved, IMVU Mafias' TIM Family staff now includes an
in every meal! She talks! She walks! She Administrates! Fresh out of training and ready to kick ass, we welcome our new Capo of Communications and Administrative services.


Some organizations recognize MVP's *couch cough* sports, BUT here we recognize MVRP's, Most Valuable RolePlayers. These individuals have added above and beyond exceptional content to our family's Roleplaying threads.


Spoiler: Most Valuable RolePlayers

- January - How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
- December - Whore Project Kana

Next is an individual who has earned the title of Mafioso Of The Month, for December, we recognize
for his record setting donation to the family. The funds provided will be used and redistributed via contests over the next 10 months. He shall be rewarded 10k medits and the M.O.M. (Mafioso Of The Month) medal. Congrats BloodLustD!


Next is an individual who has earned the title of Mafioso Of The Month, for January, we recognize
for their contributions to API and webhook research, providing tutorials and code for setting up useful Discord webhooks, and for teasing us with their much anticipated IMVU API Sniffer. They shall be rewarded 10k medits and the M.O.M. (Mafioso Of The Month) medal. Congrats Tooly!


Finally, and most of all, during this month of love, we would like to take a moment to thank the professional escorts who work within The Tim Family. Each of them shall be receiving the Professional Courtship medal and 2.5k medits for their entrepreneurial achievements. Let's face it, sometimes virgins just don't do the trick and you want a pro who knows what they're doing. We have the pleasure of sharing our platform and working alongside this group of absolutely amazing hoes, and we want to say THANK YOU! Sex workers aren’t appreciated enough, and it’s a career that requires great strength and pride in what you do. For the month of February, we celebrate YOU! May February forever be known as Sex Worker's Awareness Month within the IMVU Mafias.

Spoiler: Badass Sexy Motherfuckers

@Backseat Freak











@Hova Timeless


@Noir Nemesis



























































































@Vyxie Delecroix


Keep logging in, posting, and attending events! We'll be doing this again next month. Watch our discord servers for many more upcoming parties and events, including IMVU Valentines events, and Kinky Movie Nights.
Posted 1 year ago
Congrats everyone for an amazing month! Lets keep Don's dick hard, keep "up" the good work!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Thank you so much, Don, it's a real honor to be given the award.

I have prepared an acceptance speech.

*Reaches into his inside breast pocket, then to his outside pocket, pants pockets and starts to panic*

It appears I have misplaced it.

So I'd just like to say a huge thank you to the Alpha Dom, Don Von.
I'm still looking out for the Free Credits every time I see the name.

I'd also like to thank Data and Andy, you're both really great and I'd just like to say "Chevron 6 Engaged"

And a huge congrats to you Andy!

I am very excited to see the contests that'll be coming up!
Posted 1 year ago
Just wanna say thank you for the recognition, congrats to the others who were recognized, and good gods look at those stats!!!!
Posted 1 year ago
The contests will forever be sponsored by you Blood! I'm so happy to have met you and been able to chat. Congrats on your award, it was well earned and deserved.
Posted 1 year ago
Ooooh Congrats to everyone! I hope there will be many more winners next month! :vdaycat:

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