[Tournier] First Summer 2012 Tourny

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 7 posts
11 years ago in Contests
Posted 11 years ago · Author
In celebration of the new novelty ranks in The Mafia Shop, a new tournament has been created.

All details about this tournament:
First Summer 2012 Tourny

Good luck! :D

1st Place Prize: 500 medits, you get to add 1 custom rank of your choice into the mafia shop, a place in our hall of fame in the mafia museum
2nd Place Prize: 500 medits, you get to add 1 custom rank of your choice into the mafia shop
3rd Place Prize: 500 medits, you get to add 1 custom rank of your choice into the mafia shop

New ranks may not be mafia themed.
1st-3rd place winners who do not already have mafia VIP status, will be granted mafia VIP status.
Posted 11 years ago
wow lol. i went to go play that game, and i thought it would be easy....
idk if its just that i suck at it or what...
but i didnt get hurt untill the level that i died on...
and on that level i completely ran out of ammo... and then i couldnt do anything.. lol
i thought that shooting the cars or planes would do something.. but they always made me loose radar lol..
well whoever is in the top for that i know will be able to beat my sore... of... 40... -.- how sad is that?
Posted 11 years ago · Author
The tournament is finished, here are the winners:

more links:
  • to winnerlist of this tournament: Click
  • to tounament details: Click
  • to tournament overview: Click

Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to all players!
Posted 11 years ago · Author
~blinks~ I only played once.
Well...I am not going to give myself a prize. That would just be silly.
The tournament view says that no one else played.
Did no one else submit their score?

-- 11 May 2012 12:43 am --

Oh, here we go, I found the scores: tour.php?mode=scorelist&tour_id=2&game_id=17

This is our first time using this system, so I was not sure where to find them. >.<

-- 11 May 2012 12:44 am --

First Place: mikemenendez
Second Place: heathersboy17
Posted 2 months ago
~Locking this topic as A) the aforementioned tournament is no longer accessible for play.~

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