Sweepstakes: Passing Summer Days - FREE MEDITS!!!

by Xacto · 20 posts
10 months ago in Contests
Posted 9 months ago
Well I graduated university this summer, after 4 freakin years!
Everything seemed to go well. I went on a 10-day holiday with my family, where I experienced snowfall for the first time. Played a lotta videogames (especially fifa)
Fastforward to the end of July where my job offer got delayed to April of the next year. I was really excited about it
And now I'm looking for other jobs as I'm typing this :'(
Posted 9 months ago
I would love more medits I really could use them considering I had just registered and I would love to be able to get a few things
Posted 9 months ago
Summers been great especially with a job making money being active not to mention beach time fun in the sun with lots of beautiful individuals soaking up the sun, swimming in the water and tanning, not to mention amusement parks and other business have had promotions going on all summer
Posted 9 months ago · Author
Sorry for the delayed response, been busy working my tail off haha.
999 wrote:
Best ever summer, I visited my grandparents’ home, which is located far away from the city’s bustle...

That sounds amazing! I wish I could do something like that! What kinds of foods did your grandmother make? And what were your favorites?
999 wrote:
My grandfather loves gardening, and we helped him planting new saplings and water the plants in the garden.

I too enjoy myself some gardening ^^ What kind of saplings did you plant? And what types of plants etc does your grandfather grow in his garden.?
999 wrote:
We all used to sit together in the evenings ...

What were the stories they used to tell you? And when was the last time you had been there to visit before this summer?

-- Mon Aug 21, 2023 5:57 pm --

alyiss wrote:
not to many people,lots of weird stuff washes up on the shore.

What kind of stuff washes up on the shore? Sounds like you've got a couple of interesting stories to tell there :D

-- Mon Aug 21, 2023 5:59 pm --

druid wrote:
Well I graduated university this summer, after 4 freakin years....
And now I'm looking for other jobs as I'm typing this :'(


First off, congrats! that's def a big milestone. Secondly, don't let the job thing get you down. Just keep building your practical and real world experience and you'll get there in no time!
Posted 9 months ago
most of my summer i been kicking back watching tv watching dirt racing on dirtvision and floracing on my laptop and when i felt like it watching bruce lee movies starting a youtube channel doing recording for my youtube channel playing games on my ps5 stuff like mlb the show 23 world of outlaws dirt racing just to name a few and having fun with our new cat we got last year thats been my summer its been fun
Posted 6 months ago
Medits will be sent shortly
Posted 6 months ago · Author
Medits delivered for grand prize for those who submitted valid entries within the deadline
Posted 6 months ago
Congrats to those who participated and got some juicy medits <3
Posted 5 months ago · Author
~Contest has concluded and topic is locked.~

@Don Von Alpha Dom

~Please unpin this topic. Thanks~

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