Tribute to Kari Wolf

by Xhynrae · 60 posts
5 years ago in Off Topic
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For the briefest of time, a beautiful soul graced her presence amongst us.

It is with heaviest of hearts to share with all of you that
@Kari Wolf
was unexpectedly taken tragically away from us. She has now joined the spirit world and left an empty void impossible to fill. It is here amongst TIM and VU that she found her true connections of chosen family, friends, amongst found her truest love. Kari has the most generous giving of hearts, should you have had the opportunity to cross paths or interact with her you were blessed to experience such. A big protective mama wolf, she embodied, willing to accept anyone no matter their background, shape, preference...loving, accepting, giving unconditionally. She loved ALL creatures regardless and treated all with equal kindness despite her own battles. One would never know her own personal battles, yet another's happiness brought her insurmountable joy to see another happy. Traits we should all strive for in making for a better world.

You are an exceptional lady, Kari and will be forever missed and treasured. All my love.


My heart goes out to you during this time, infathomable the loss and sadness of what you are going thru. I know you and Kari have the deepest of unbreakable bonds and share in your grief. I am here for you.

@Kari Wolf
liked animals a lot so i would like to start a fund raising campaign and donate to an animal shelter that she supported on facebook in her name.

Click the button below to make a donation


All Funds Gathered will go here:

Any amount is welcomed

Anybody who makes a donation for $5 or more will receive a black market product gifted straight to your imvu accounts as follows:

$5 donation - random black market sex product
$10 donation - random BM room or dick ( your choice)
$15 donation - exclusive bm room with 30 + poses
$20 donation - 2 products of your own choosing

Donations above $20 will be honored with more products depending on the amount

After you made a donation please send a private message to
with proof of donation ( preferably print screen) and with your imvu account name. Also make suree your account is set to receive messages from everyone.

Fund raising will last a month starting today 02/16/2019
Thank you everyone for all your support !

Family members that donated:






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Posted 5 years ago
kari you have touched my heart in ways i never thought possible. I will always remember your kind voice and every single laugh we had each day.I never thought i will love someone like this and never thought i would be loved in return the way you loved me. I would give anything to have you back for just one minute more. No matter where you are you will always have my heart and i will love you untill the day i'll join you and beyond. I love you baby boo!


thank you for your support
it means a lot :(
Posted 5 years ago
I am so sorry for your loss. I don't think I ever had the opportunity to meet Kari but I saw her posts and she seemed like such a kind and loving person. *big huggz*
Posted 5 years ago
Try to take some confort knowing she will always live on in your heart and mind and will be watching over you till the day you meet her once more.
Posted 5 years ago
Am so so so sorry for your lost man she was amazing and will always be in our hearts, if there is anything you need just reach out. We got you brother. Rest in peace perfect KARI.
Posted 5 years ago
I have marked this topic as an announcement so it will appear above all forums for everyone to see.
Posted 5 years ago
What happened to him ? And god bless.. :/

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