i want to say good bye to all of you, i am retiring on imvu

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i know some people may not know who i am,. or who I was haha, i would like to wish you all a good bye, i am retireing from imvu, and the internet for awhile, i have to take care of my own needs in real life then sit around all day on the internet, and i wanted to say Datamine, and don alph adon, you both were very nice people, haha. and heralds as well was a very good credits seller, and wanted to tell you all i am retiring from imvu, and i will come around sometimes, to check in. and see how everyone is doing, and again thank you guys for letting me in the family newb sections and stuff i will be around time to time, but again this site was the best! haha. I shall return when I can,

i unmistakencoprse cry and say DO NOT LET THIS SITE DIE,! love ya!!

other names i used on here 4beb,deathrun,unmistakencorpse, you all have a good time, on here don't let this site die on me haha,
Posted 10 months ago
sorry to hear that but after awhile imvu does get dull and so we all need a break hopefully you comeback
Posted 8 months ago
@Deleted user

I'm sorry I didn't see this thread sooner. We wish you well and we will be here when and if you decide to return.


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