New Black Market Feature: Buy, Sell, and Resell your Credits

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 52 posts
8 years ago in Mafia News
Posted 8 years ago · Author

One by one our precious credit resellers are dropping from the IMVU community. For nearly a decade, the IMVU credit resellers have provided cheap reliable credits, many of them allying themselves as business partners with our family. In light of IMVU's recent announcement to slaughter our beloved resellers in what IMVU staff has dubbed the "sunset of the reseller program", we have equipped the IMVU Black Market with new credit handling abilities. We shall not allow the spirit of resellers to die quietly in the night. We shall not give up cheap credits without a fight! There will be no moment of silence for resellers as long as the brave members of The IMVU Mafias are here to roar our mighty defiance to the system. Join us in the underground buying, selling, and reselling of credits in support of developers everywhere.

:star: Buy Credits
:star: Sell Credits
:star: Free Credits
:star: Discussions

Check out all 4 features under the new credits menu at the top of our website.

Ciao my brothers and friends,
The IMVU Don
Posted 8 years ago
Posted 8 years ago
I am so happy to read this.Thank you Don
Posted 8 years ago
This is a very nice addition to the forums that i will say.

Note: this advice is for anyone looking to buy credits. or re-sellers. be aware! of who u purchase your credits from. just like the real world. sometimes it is not always what it seems. also if it looks to good to be true. then it probably is a scam. of course admins & mods of the forums, is and will continue to monitor these deals for fraudulent type of activity or motives. to make sure customers & re-sellers are both satisfied. Do not take this as a pass to just go off and do something silly like trust everyone! thats selling credits. i dont suggest it. because you most likely will be without credits and $$.

As for the safty of our re-sellers. sometimes its tough to pin-point clients who want to waste time. unfortunately that i will have to leave up to you to figure out. its a good idea to figure out all the details first. on how u will go about completing the transaction. yes thats befor sending the credits. Now dont be fooled. just because you are indeed the re-seller. does not mean u are not vulnerable to scammers. in most situation, you will just have to go by good judgment. if paying attention. lil things can lead you to suspicion. if in fact that the customer is trying to getover on you.

*PS: NO Trusting MIDDLEMAN especially if the customer suggested him/her. i learned that the hard way. well sorta because those who tried to scam me ended up getting nothing. it was still a close call.

the reason for this, is because i noticed new users signing up to the forums here just to "sell credits". if u look at the credits market u can see the obvious. so just some tips for us all. take it or leave it :).
Posted 8 years ago
Very good advice Bulldog! I too have "almost" been scammed by a few newcomers. So ppl be very very careful!
Posted 8 years ago
Very wise words Bulldog. With that being said, awesome move Don!
Posted 8 years ago
Glad to hear.. Ty!
Posted 8 years ago
If you catch anyone scamming, please report them to myself or
@Don Von Free Credits
. We do not tolerate it here. Also, do not buy from anyone who does not have any posts as that is a clear sign they are not following the rules.

We wished to give people a place to continue to make some money off their credits but unfortunately it has been mostly abused. For now I suggest only purchasing from staff (Myself,
@Don Von Free Credits
) or F.A.T.E.
Posted 8 years ago
Glad to see this tread! thanks Don and DM! you are awesome! Thank you Bulldog for the nice friendly advise! We all hope that nothing like this would happen here! As DM said report if you see or experience any scammers here!

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