What are The IMVU Mafias?

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 56 posts
7 years ago in Mafia News
Posted 2 months ago · Author
nightmarechild wrote:
as any thing there two sides to this story . its all true yes but from there POV .. what does imvu think of them. what does the other black market stores think of them what the law think of them?? its all pov where ever you go. i applaud the mob in there efforts. but as in all things you must give all pov's there place in the story.


You're right. We're absolutely 100% notorious. You'll have to ask them if you ever find the time. I'm sure their answers would be quite interesting.
Posted 2 months ago
lol yeah i bet lol. i just meant that everything in life it multi sided one mans hero is anouthers villian... thats all all respect to you and your staff.
Posted 1 week ago
I'm a relatively new member here but a long time IMVU user. The question I've asked myself when I came across this community was, what were the values around it and what it is that we're standing up and fighting for. I found my views aligning with the "Mafia" and am now very proud to be part of this incredible community. It's helpful, there's a lot of love and in my opinion has held on to all the things I loved about IMVU better than the company has managed to themselves. Kudos to all the family members and more power to US!
Posted 1 week ago

Awesome that you are liking the community here.
Posted 1 week ago
That is so cool honestly, sounds like a gang of dope programmers!
Posted 1 week ago
I'm happy to be a member of imvu mafia

-- Wed Feb 21, 2024 5:32 pm --

I wish you continued success, mafia family.

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