Text Editors for Programmers

by godviras · 2 posts
3 years ago in Coding
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Text Editors are application that helps you write codes easier. They can also be used for modifying codes. Most editors are free and open source, that means there is not initial investment.

It is powerful Windows application that comes built in with every version of Windows. It is small in size, so it makes it fast.

It is an open-source application that comes with cross-platform compatibility. That means either you have a Linux machine or Windows or a Mac, it will work on each platform. It is also a small in size text editor. What makes it a PlusPlus from Notepad is that it has various features such as, auto Indentation, Color separation that makes the boring codes looks beautiful, auto-complete feature, and many built in theme and customization.

    Visual Studio codes
This editor is mostly choose by devs because of its wide community and vast extentions.

It is also a cross platform text editor, brought by Adobe. If you own a Mac, you would preferrably choose this beautiful and simple text editor.
Posted 3 years ago
Here are two more text editors geared towards programmers. I've used these two before while working on various projects, and rather liked them.

Editpad Pro


Personally, I keep EditPad Pro, UltraEdit, and Notepad++ installed on my computer. Each one contains various tools and macros which come in handy while programming.

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