Program Ideas...What do you want created?

by DataMine · 103 posts
8 years ago
Posted 2 years ago
I’d like some type of list of now retired avatars names, or avatar that are able to be taken.
Posted 2 years ago · Author

Try out my random int to cid program, I believe it can generate retired names: viewtopic.php?f=179&t=10619
Posted 2 years ago
hello, what would be interesting as software too, is to be able to choose how to pay in store, because it pays automatically with our purchased credits, but the promotional credits are only secondary and it is annoying to have 47,000 promotional credits, my purchased credits are mainly for creation or gift to my friends.
Posted 2 years ago · Author

You would need a modified client some sort of browser addon/script for that.
Posted 2 years ago


Back in the day, there were IMVU bank accounts ran by third parties. You could move your credits into a bank account, spend your predits, and then move your credits back into your IMVU account. When IMVU staff banned credit re-sellers though, they closed the credit re-seller credit transfer API, which is what the IMVU banks were using. The banks disappeared after that.
Posted 2 months ago
is it possible to make a program to create products in different colors just by selecting some colors we wanna use and then it directly creates a lot of products in every different color and submit in one go rather than selecting again and again same product.
Posted 2 weeks ago
what would be very interesting as software would be one that would allow us to delete several photos from the feed instead of doing it one by one
Posted 2 weeks ago

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