IMVU Servers Were Down - 11/1/2022

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 10 posts
1 year ago in IMVU News
Posted 1 year ago · Author
IMVU's servers were down for about 6 - 7 hours, starting 11/1/2022 and came back up on 11/2/2022.


Quite a few people were complaining on Twitter: ... ery&f=live

And Reddit:

While most of IMVU's services were down, it's subdomains appeared to still be up and working:

How did you pass the time while IMVU was down?
Posted 1 year ago
Damn' I read the twitter trend, that's crazy... Can't people accept that websites can be down (it happens) and let employees try to fix the issue ? I recognize IMVU is awesome, addictive, is worth spending hours on it... But it's not the end of the world if the site is down a few hours. That's crazy.

And to answer your question : by chance, there's IRL. Not as fun though ; but the graphics and the loading time are better.
Posted 1 year ago
xbox gamer tag if need look for a white panda------------> Sanicgoth <--- Gamertag, if you want my discord drop it in comments,

if your bored feel free to add me on xbox or ask for my skype maybe my discord, or even add me on xbox ill sleep call anyone dont give a shit im just me anyways but this is what i did when imvu was down

i was on minecraft, building redstone. and listening to aint no rest for the wicked Cage the Elaphant and then got on borderlands 3 and did some story missions, and saw clap traped had some funny words. and then got on a movie site and then watched nude nuns with big guns, then after my movie, i think i smoked a cig or 2. then just was tryin to find randoms on minecfaft to play with, then did some voice inpressions of clevland brown, maybe some yoshi inpressions, and then imvu came back latter... and then got into a bear avatar put a 550 Scaler and laid down as a big Carebear. the rest of the night.
Posted 1 year ago
Everyone switched to discord for the outage, was fun.
Posted 1 year ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom
A sign to crash the servers more often lol
Posted 1 year ago · Author

Funny story ... IMVU's servers use to have a bug several years ago. If you purchased VIP while they were in the middle of booting back the server up after a crash ... the monthly credits from VIP would reward multiple times, sometimes up to a dozen times.
Posted 1 year ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom
this must be after they fired Mrs Green Backs and automated it
Posted 7 months ago
Imvu is mostly lagging in ma phone lol the graphic are just too much to handle lmaoo well they gotta make it more compitable for all the devices like it's way to lagging for some phones and yea. They should fix that while they do the maintenance break lmaoo or the severs will keep crashing so as our phones. XD

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