Web-based Peer Review Coming Soon

by SwagGod1 · 7 posts
1 year ago in IMVU News
Posted 1 year ago · Author
I saw this on the release patch notes on IMVU yesterday:

"Next week we will be rolling out web-based Peer Review.
This will speed up Peer Review and also give more users access to participating in Peer Review. - https://help.imvu.com/s/article/What-is-Peer-Review
When this rolls out as early as next Monday (June 27th), only a percentage of users will see it. This means your friend may be able to do Peer Review but not you.
Eventually, web-based Peer Review will be rolled out to everyone who is eligible.
Note that users can still choose to do Peer Review using the Classic Client.
Here is how it will look when web-based Peer Review becomes available. "

You guys think there is a way to possible exploit this and maybe get more black market items through the system or maybe stock up on developer tokens. Or is it just so people who don't play classic can do peer review since the past few weeks peer review has been so slow.
Posted 1 year ago
it probably is a way to get people who might want to do peer review but dont play on classic client to be able to do peer review.
Posted 1 year ago

I think its just One way of making peer review viewable for non classic reviewer as well….i hope this new idea of VU wont mess up peer review….as of now passing review get really slow……lets see how this goes…..i still use classic so i really hope this wont mess up classic peer as well….
Posted 1 year ago
This is cool cause i have a mac and we cant use classic. Maybe this way i can peer-review
Posted 7 months ago
The old version and the new version is kinda different frl well I kinda like the new one not gonna lie

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