The most annoying program ever made (Epilepsy warning)

by DataMine · 6 posts
6 years ago in Off Topic Tools
Posted 6 years ago · Author
This is the story of how the most annoying program was born.

It all started today while I was working on my UI design for the Room Finder and other programs. After a few hours of picking colors and changing variable names I got bored. At this time I happened to be listening to music and the beat kept telling me to animate some progressbars sort of like a visualizer.

So I set out putting a basic program together. I set everything up and marveled at my beautiful masterpiece.


But I wanted more. So I added sliders (great tv show from the 90's btw).


But I still wasn't satisfied so I decided to add another shape: Circles!

Finally, my hunger for animated colors had been satisfied but I was left wondering what to do next. That's when it hit me! Animate the program itself. Why force it to sit in one place when it can be free and live wherever it wants!


So now that my little program was happily bouncing around my screen like a small child on a sugar rush the next logic step was to let it chose it's own size.


As I watched my creation bounce around and change its form I began to feel a fatherly connection it. What good father would let his son come to harm? So I protected my creation from death, disabling it from being closable and hiding it from the taskbar. Now my little one was safe to roam for ever!

And there you have it, that is how the most annoying program was born!
Posted 6 years ago
awwwww it's so cute! I love the detail about "So now that my little program was happily bouncing around my screen like a small child on a sugar rush the next logic step was to let it chose it's own size." part. Summed up qhat I was watching. very colorful and had to reread a lot of the story because I couldn't stop watching the animation of the program.
Posted 6 years ago
Back in High School computer programming and operations, we use to load programs like this onto thumb drives and set them to auto run; sneak up and plug them into the back of someone's computer. Eventually, someone accidentally made an "annoying program" that tried to spread over the school's network. Tried and succeeded a little too well. Our school's fire alarms were connected to the network and when it hit them ... our fire alarms went off non stop for half a day. The school's network admin was pissed; apparently the moving popup was on every computer in the school by that point and students were complaining everywhere.
Posted 6 years ago · Author
Haha, well my little creation can't breed yet but maybe one day he'll hit puberty.
Posted 3 years ago
This man is quite interesting
Posted 3 weeks ago
demented ' twisted' artistic ' and wonderfully wrong. congrats you are well and trully evil. we welcome you to the dark side. hands you a cookie and a spiked cup of coco. take a seat and chill good sir lmao evily acourse lol.

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