Dynamic TV Wall with T3DE

by blueDay · 11 posts
1 year ago in Premium IMVU Tools
Posted 1 year ago · Author

so... imvu gifted me a free "Dynamic TV Wall" for playing youtube vids. looks kinda cool.

is it possible to make this work with t3de, or does it only work with their newer desktop clients...?
Posted 1 year ago
sadly i do believe it only works on the new desktop client and mobile...media streaming is a live room only feature unfortunately.
Posted 1 year ago
I'm not seeing anything special inside of this product that would display youtube videos.

I see that the skeleton contains a bone named "Tv.MESH".

My best guess ... that's probably a new type of bone recognized by mobile. I bet if you made another product with the same bone name, that other product would also have a youtube player on mobile.

That's just a guess though. Someone would have to test it. If it tests out to be true, then code would have to be added to the classic client to recognize the same bone name as a place to load a youtube player.
Posted 1 year ago
Imvu did its for display only. like who TF wants to display no signal on a wall :awesome1:
Posted 1 year ago · Author
kay758 wrote:
Imvu did its for display only. like who TF wants to display no signal on a wall


no, it does work... check this out:


the catch seems to be that you gotta have VIP and it is only supported in the new clients :p

i think maybe(?) vu is gifting this to people as a way to try and coax them to sign up for vip.

would be cool if we could get this in the classic client (okay, i know that's a really tall order) and also crack it to stream videos from... uhmmm... any sources ;)
Posted 1 year ago
o I see. I have never did the live room. But ill try it later. I have VIP .

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