Where is this premium tools are tested

by Krishnakumarbhoi · 8 posts
3 years ago in Premium IMVU Tools
Posted 3 years ago

you asked a similar question in your graphic design post. A lot of things are not compatible with the mobile app neither will they be in future but I dont think you actually wanted to know that lol
Posted 3 years ago

Only desktops avaible rnow
Posted 1 year ago

Depends on how many mobile devices are involved.

PC to PC - yes, simple, pre-uploaded, easy normal price, takes 2 clicks and you're done, zero risk

Mobile to PC - yes, DIY, takes a few hours and a PC to setup, near zero risk

PC to Mobile - yes, DIY, takes a few hours and a PC to setup, near zero risk

Mobile to Mobile - DIY, costs extra, resource intensive, requires a PC to setup, can take up to a month or two to setup if you are not prepared, 30% chance it disables your account within the first month
Posted 1 year ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

What was the question? I'm like, REALLLY curious based on what you just said lol
Posted 1 year ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Ha! yea... the chances of successfully doing that and not getting caught or tripped up somewhere is pretty miniscule I bet. The software didn't get where it did in just a few mere months smh

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