Transforming IMVU 3D Avatars

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8 months ago in 3D Meshing
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Hello. I am a beginner in 3D graphic design, and IDK if this is the right place to ask something. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

According to my knowledge, IMVU is a 3D chat game where everything related to IMVU products and our avatars is a combination of one mesh with another, creating a complete, whole avatar look (consisting of hair mesh, head, bone structure, clothing, pants, and shoes), and of course, textures are included.

We all dress up our avatars as we desire, following our criteria, and making them look as good as possible.

My question is, is there a way to process the entire appearance of the 3D avatar we have modified in other rendering software (Blender, or etc)? Because it seems, at least for me, that the default photo tools available in IMVU Classic/IMVU Desktop are somewhat lacking.

So, my plan is to use rendering software to process my avatar's appearance as a whole and make it look more realistic with additional lighting, furniture, etc.
Posted 8 months ago
The imvu photo tools are terrible but you can try typing in *hiResNoBg or *hiResSnap for a higher quality photo.

To my knowledge you cannot pull the entire appearance out and mod in another software. I could be wrong.
Posted 8 months ago

I have a tutorial on extracting meshes out of IMVU into a 3d format in our VIP Tools forum here: viewtopic.php?f=173&t=7496

However, you don't get material data so it's not exactly useful for what you want to do.

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