How to do Tattoo

by Emperor · 17 posts
6 years ago in Graphics Design
Posted 2 months ago
Is this still effective to still use now?
Posted 2 months ago
Okay thank you so much
Posted 1 week ago
Hi im trying to do this with arm Tattoos but they keep glitching out of my shirt and it just looks goofy instead of looking badass, can i somehow make it so its literally on the skin instead of it being like just a hollow tube of Tattoos?
Posted 1 day ago
Tysm, i have seen some skins where the tattoo is not really seperate but is within the texture of the body itself, some people do it that way but it made me wonder how or how the tattoo did not seperate from their avatar. just got me wondered for sure
Posted 10 hours ago
This would depend on the mesh the creator derived from. There are meshes that lay very close to the skin, giving the illusion it is part of the skin, which is how some clothing can come with the tattoo. This allows user to then wear whatever skin.

Or the other tattoo option can be made onto the skin mesh itself.

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