Gta5 or Csgo ?

by medeea96 · 14 posts
6 years ago in Social Games

Gta5 or Csgo

Gta5 83%
Csgo 17%
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Posted 6 years ago
I replaced your csgo image with a smaller one cause it was taking a while to load such a high resolution image.

Admin hat off

I've never played either of them but I would probably enjoy GTA5 more. I have downloaded GTA5 but found out it's gonna take like 100gb or so to install and I don't have that much space left on my SSD at the moment so I said screw it, I have work to do anyway, lol.
Posted 6 years ago
It is a hard comparison.
I prefer GTA V, it has lots of different mods, and one can do lots of things making it very addicting especially when you play it online. As a result, I play CS.GO more. I have it on my Steam, and when I feel bored I just launch it, play a Deathmatch match that takes no more than 15mins, I then get back to what I was doing, whereas if I play GTA online I won't finish within 2 hours minimum :kat_emoji1: damn you video games.
Posted 6 years ago
GTA v wtf.. how are these two even being compared.
Posted 6 years ago
I love the competitive of cs

so i choose them
Posted 6 years ago
Gta Df :kat_emoji7:

-- Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:19 pm --

Never even played the other 1
Posted 6 years ago
csgo is boring for me, idk why, maybe cuz i always got headshoted :awesome11:
Posted 6 years ago
Well both are awesome games, i mean if you just go on shooting genre, csgo is better, but gta v is awesome with open world, with missions and fun, so GTA Series always the best, GTA 5 FOR ME :katheart7:
Posted 6 years ago
GTA if you love running around randomly partaking in all sorts of events or enjoy a great campaign... also they do have a Online mode where you can race against players and such. Killing other players as well with different game modes.

Csgo on the other hand just multiplayer where aim talks and carries you through out quickplay or ranked if you are into that, they also have a huge CSGO esports scene if you are into that but i mostly play to shoot and kill people with all sorts of different guns, thing is you have to work as a team to win each round and get money to buy the gun you want so all in all its mostly good but not as expoloring like GTA
Posted 5 years ago
I just started again playing GTA with some friends got a lot of fun with the new multiplayer dlc's.
I like Nightclub easy money there, and of course i like to troll around and just fuck people up when they promote there nightclub.
Or just do all the heist over and over again to make quick money. or try to beat the elite mission in the heist ^^

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