Advanced actionlist.xml part 3

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Hello and welcome, today I'm going to teach you something very funny you can do on your actionlist.
I know someone have already posted a tutorial how to enable
AP and VIP moves without having any of them, but I'm going to write one with more details and results after testing it for a while. I'm going to explain with steps as usual, and I will hopefully be able to help you guys do the exact same. I hope my crapy english is..."Readable" hehe. I readed Rain's tutorial about how to remove the needs for having the access pass or being a part of the VIP club to perform some emotes, and I thought to write a new one that is more detailed about this.

Before you start !

NB : You should read my 1st and 2nd tutorial about the actionlist before you keep reading.
Those tutorials can be found at these links underneath this text.

Tutorial One; Basic commands

Tutorial Two; SPAM buttons

You would need to read the first one, cause it says how you're going to locate and find the imvu folder.

Let's begin !

1) Open your actionlist.xml and scroll down till you find the group called "Moods"
Look at the "Terrified mood" and you'll see it says "requires"VIP="true"/>
That makes the command only available for those who are VIP, however we if you edit it to false, you'll be able to do it without VIP

2) There's a lot of commands, and there is only three types of requirements, VIP, AP and Friend
The "RequiresFRIEND="TRUE"/> Will only work at couple / coop moves, adding it to singular moves will cause it to fuck up and get impossible to work.
We have a command called bearhug, and it requires friends to perform
pitcherAction="/bearhug" pitcherActionUrl="product://1002/index.xml" requiresFriend="true"/>

3) You could cause some seriously confusion if you edit the Require to "false" and start bear hugging people all over Imvu.

4) You could cause some seriously damage to a friend that plays imvu, if you either are able to control his/her computer, or living not afar from the victim : P
Notice : it will get removed after every imvu update!

5) you cannot peform the AP moves anymore on people with just editing the require to false.
name="SqueezyKiss" pitcherAction="/squeezykiss" pitcherActionUrl="product://1054/index.xml" requiresAP="true"/>
There are two or more ways to enable doing AP at everyone.
1] Remove the "requiresAP="true", but keep the /> in the end, otherwise your imvu won't start up again.
2] Edit the require to Friend or VIP, but then you would of course need to be friend or have VIP, so I think way number one would be best.

name="SqueezyKiss" pitcherAction="/squeezykiss" pitcherActionUrl="product://1054/index.xml"/>

NB: Those who haven't AP won't be able to see this unless they've edited their actionlist.xml too
However! Other AP's will drop their jaws and get really amazed after they get a really dry huggles from a non-AP avatar, cause they can see it.
Posted 13 years ago
wish to know how to blck attacks
Posted 7 years ago
I just wish your tutorials still works....but this is an added knowledge...and everyone could come up with more ideas regarding this....Thanks for sharing this with us...i know this is an old thread. Very informative! rainbowsheep

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