Advanced actionlist.xml part 2

by martinkvam · 9 posts
13 years ago in Other
Posted 13 years ago · Author
This time its i'm going to teach you how to make a (spam) button to annoy the crap out of the noob, if needed.

If you don't know how to find the actionlist.xml then click on this lick

1) Create a new catagory like this

"(Category name="SPAM")
(Action name="SPAM" pitcherAction="code" requiresVIP="false"/)

2) Buy a voicebox and look at the trigger names.

I use the Furry Sounds Voice Box by FairyDiamunds to make this spam.
Look at the trigger names and put them in like this

"(Category name="SPAM")
(Action name="SPAM" pitcherAction="/w1 /w2 / w3 /w4 / w5 / w6 /w7" requiresVIP="false"/)

( You can add more if you want to )

( Ensure you're wearing that voicebox when you use it )

3) Save it and restart imvu.

~Have Fun

Just remember to put a replace the )( with ><...
I couldn't type the code with it, because it didn't show up for some reason

Posted 13 years ago
Lol this is a guud idea tho its easier just to type the commands with /....

recommended for lazy persons :D
Nice work.
Posted 13 years ago

yes ty why not..
now i would like somethg like that: suppose i launch a dance, example: *slinkloop, it stops when i launch another item but i would like to stop it with a command, example *stop or / stop.., possible please?
Posted 13 years ago · Author
Try adding this to your actionlist.

<Category name="Stop">
<Action name="Stop" pitcherAction="*removeMood"/>

-- Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:43 pm --

Nevermind, tested it, and It didn't work.
Posted 13 years ago
Almost all the avatars have basic actions like *stand and stuff so you could just end it with something like *stand3 and your avatar should end the dance.
Posted 13 years ago
ok tyvm :mrgreen:

-- Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:52 am --


aah drats! it doesnt work and urs too Random :(
because every time i need to add or get off an item, dont an action, k..?
but ty again :wink:
Posted 12 years ago
I think the download link is broken... says "file not found"

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