Imvu Python code

by Xi4 · 6 posts
3 years ago in Python
Posted 3 years ago · Author
So lately i been studying python. and been working alot in botting in vu.
my question is botting is allow on vu site ?
plus i couldnt find any api that works had to make anything hardcoded
Posted 3 years ago

I think the only thing IMVU actively discourages is botting peer review. Don't think they care too much about you botting other things.
Posted 3 years ago · Author

If i making a bot run over website should i use reguler acc or some demo one ?
Posted 3 years ago

Technically, IMVU has a blanket statement in their TOS (Terms Of Service), banning all types of bots.

I've seen mixed reactions from IMVU staff where bots are concerned. They seem to ignore any type of bot that helps developers develop new products / make legit sales on products; unless spamming is involved. They also seem to allow generator type bots that generate code for HP's / product pages. I've also seen them allow IMVU products that bot the chat system, as long as said product does not spam or cross between rooms.

However, I've seen them go after any type of bot that involves their private messaging systems, even if the bot seems harmless and does not send / read more than 1 message at a time.

What they allow botting wise it not really clear, till you release it and they react.

-- 30 May 2020 05:31 pm --

Xi4 wrote:
i making a bot run over website should i use reguler acc or some demo one ?


We use a database full of dozens of demo accounts per bot, accounts that we programatically select between at random.
Posted 3 years ago · Author
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Tbh sounds like a really good idea with the acc only problem is that im using that acc in ordee to see ap products idk if i can afford more then 1

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