IMVU Mafias - Registration

Prepare yourself for immersion into the mafia life style. After today, you shall forever be blood of our blood in The IMVU Mafias.

Section 1 - Security
  • Security: DO NOT use your IMVU account name as your Mafia account name. Use a unique password / username / login name, not ones you have used on any other site.
  • Security: DO NOT publicly share your IMVU account name on our site. Do not publicly share your mafia display name on any other site.
  • Security: DO NOT share your IMVU account password with anybody, nor your password for any other website.
Section 2 - Community Rules
  • Identity: Do not use your IMVU account name as your Mafia account name.
  • Language: Our community is an English-speaking environment and we do not have support for any other languages.
  • Cross-Posting: Duplicating a thread or topic in multiple different sections of the forums is prohibited. Use the search feature first.
  • Double Posting: The act of posting numerous times in the same topic or thread without another member's response in between more than once per hour is prohibited.
  • Etiquette: Being excessively and unreasonably mean, rude, or offensive towards other members is prohibited.
  • Exclusion: Excluding other members from community activities based on gender, sex, religion, etc is prohibited.
  • Targeting: Hacking or placing hits on fellow members is prohibited.
  • Necroposting: Do not post or revive any old, inactive threads without reason or permisson from staff.
  • Filter Evasion: Do not attempt to bypass any site restriction, such as but not limited to the 20-character limit and word censors.
  • Writing Style: Try to participate in a legible, mature, and comprehensible manner. All caps and tiny font is prohibited.
  • Moderating: All staff members reserve the right to edit, remove, or place any post on moderation queue at any time.
  • Multi-Accounting: The registration or use of multiple accounts for malicious use is prohibited.
  • Pornography: Posting adult content outside the adult section is prohibited.
  • Content: Posting blackhat/destructive content is prohibited without permission from staff.
Section 3 - Offsite Linking
  • Advertising: No advertising other forums without permission from staff.
  • Malicious: Links having any relation to malicious content are not permitted.
  • Pornography: Pornographic links, or links leading to content with a pornographic connotation are not permitted outside the adult section.
  • Etiquette: Do not post links to hateful, violent, gruesome, terrorist, or generally inappropriate content.
Section 4 - Avatars & Signatures
  • Size: Avatars/signatures must not exeed 250x250 pixels and must be easily visible.
  • Content: Avatars/signatures must not containt any offensive, hateful or other inappropriate content.
Section 5 - Market
  • Pirated/Copyrighted Content: Selling pirated/copyrighted content is prohibited.
  • Malicious Content: Selling malicious material such as malware, viruses, keyloggers, crash/lag codes/programs, etc is prohibited.
  • Fake Content: Selling fake content such as credit generators or any products/services that aren't what they claim to be is prohibited.
  • Duplicate Content: Selling duplicate products/services are other members is not permitted.
  • Clients Hacks: Selling client hacks of any kind including themes is prohibited.
  • UFI Sex Products: Selling UFI sex products is prohibited.
Section 6 - Privacy
  • Member Info: Sharing explicitly personal information of anyone, including non-members without their permission is not permitted.
  • Confidentiality: Revealing your IMVU name publicly on our site outside of special topics and private messages is prohibited.
Section 7 - Enforcement
  • Three Strike Policy: members will be given a maximum of 3 warnings for breaking the forums rules. After 3 warnings accounts will be suspended and/or banned.
  • Spamming: members found to be deliberetly spamming the forums, blogs, shoutbox, etc.. will either be temporarily or permanently banned based on the severity.
  • Scamming: members found to be scamming will be permanently banned without warning.

So as this card of Saint Tobias burns, I repeat the family values; Love, Knowledge, and Service to others. Hold steadfast in your service, and your good works will bring success, not only to you, but to all those who live uprightly.