IMVU Classic Website

by Andy · 8 posts
1 week ago
Posted 1 week ago · Author
Is it just me or is the IMVU Classic website all of a sudden extremely slow and taking forever to load? Is this the end of the tunnel as we know it for the site before being forced to use next?

Anyone find any solutions to the lag? another browser?
Posted 1 week ago
In my case it doesn't seem to be excessively slow or laggy, no more than Next at least.
I have no idea if the use of DNS (also enabled in the browser settings) actually helps in loading the site or whether there may be other reasons in your case that cause these slowdowns.
Posted 1 week ago
idk about u guys but i think there's some sort of bug on vu next....well for the browser version at least...lagging when i click to view someone's profile...
Posted 1 week ago
in my case it's quite slow to render the avatar, even turning off the 3D mode. Anyway though, it's always quite slow, or at least (maybe my memory deceives me) I don't remember it had better performance than now... not so remarkable at least.
Posted 1 week ago
Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
@AndyThe next version of the site has always been slow to the point of being near unusable for me.Doesn't play well with my security ... me thinks.

@Don Von Alpha Dom

Yes I agree….the next version has always been slow for me as well…i hardly use it.
Posted 1 week ago · Author
Yea, its working fine for me now. Was just a odd few days where it was barely loading at all.

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