New friend here!

by Iamck9 · 7 posts
1 week ago
Posted 1 week ago · Author
Hello all, this is my second go around on imvu mafia forums as I always just forget to log in and such. I've been using imvu for over 10 years and it's been aight. Anyone else notice that rooms are just getting emptier as time goes on?
Any I belong to a bunch of vu modeling agencies buying people's products and wearing them in the instagram posts and such as that, these are all shop rated items dontchu worry, the real spice stays hidden!. New the whole bm side of vu, tryna figure that out if any1 has any tips and answers to some of my concerns wethere everything safe and legit and what not to do eith certain products purchased thar would be great. Any way thanks for your time and nice to meet you all.

Anyway if anyone feels like meeting up on vu I know us mafia heard like to keep our names a secret, but hey secrets cant stay quiet forever! If yah feel like meeting on imvu or becoming friends just reach out. Especially with the deafness in many rooms its always good to make more friends. I'm pretty laid back and try to avoid the toxicity and drama most people feel the need to bring to rooms. So if your the same way. Hit me up!

See yah around! Hope to make some new friends along the way!
Posted 1 week ago
Welcome back :3
Posted 1 week ago

Yeah, you pretty much need to camp in a dozen rooms to find 2 talkative people per hour. Unless you want to sit in a room where everyone is silent and just ignores you, or boots the moment you enter.

Creating your own room where people know to find you, and making it fun ... is a good way to go as well.
Posted 1 week ago
welcum back!! hope u enjoy ur stay here :) vu does seem to be a little quieter these days i noticed....even when its late at night for me (like 12am-4am) which is normally when the fun happens XD did u edit that pic?? i'd hit it hehe ;)
Posted 1 week ago
hello!! im new here too ntmu
Posted 1 week ago
Welcome :3

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