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Yes i prepare both too. Hanging out with friends is great but shopping with friends and seeing whats new in the shop is too. You get to know what friends and others wants to buy…imvu trend i should say….lol….being a creator it would be nice to know what people wants and what other creator make as we...
Andy wrote:
@Nightslade maybe I will, maybe I won't. The life of a brat can be so draining.Welcome to the family


@Nightslade. Welcome. Enjoy.
I want to change the room called rock the house boat yacht into a furniture to put it in a room, the files are from here I tried putting in parent pid software it showed a different pid if I put the imvu parent pid of furniture it will not ruin it will it? DARKSHADOW715 It is also possible to take ...
Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
@AndyThe next version of the site has always been slow to the point of being near unusable for me.Doesn't play well with my security ... me thinks.

@Don Von Alpha Dom

Yes I agree….the next version has always been slow for me as well…i hardly use it.
masterdeelew wrote:
i gotta buildl up 2k ??? thats gon take forever


No it wont take you forever…..log in everyday….reply to forums… 2weeks you will have your 2k goal…..are you buying something with it? You can do it.
@thessayes they do, men gossips. mostly they gossip about the girls and sometimes about the political and economical state of the country but mostly youngster they talk about the girls like how they look or the ways of flirting etc Hushuuu69 Nice to know that man gossips too like woman does. Thank ...
Have not thought about what to wear on halloween….maybe something sexy scary outfit. Don't know yet. I hope this forum would give me some nice different idea from the norm on what to wear. Advance happy halloween everyone. :dancingapple: :dancingapple:
it is always like this same repeated candidates are chosen by them, and i have seen one person get on discover 2 times in a day also not all people products were visible, and i guess during the woc thee people who get discovered are likely who spammed a lot, but its kinda a faster way toget followe...

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